Cards with Invisible Ink and Contact Lenses

It’s always been a mystery to us all as to how people like magicians can suddenly know which card is in the volunteer’s hand. Have you ever seen magicians perform card tricks and thought to yourself, “Why shouldn’t I be there?” If you are one of those kids who wants to entertain people with card tricks, you should definitely try the Invisible Ink Marked Cards; they are without a doubt the greatest when it comes to concealing the act of cheating by using a tricky card!

Many people are usually quite interested in learning about, how are they playing cards marked? In this scenario, especially the Invisible Ink Ones! To begin with, all marked cards in existence are perfect replicas of the originals in terms of outer construction. The only difference is that the highlighted cards are modified by specialists to become the cards that get us all excited and impassioned!

People will always try to cheat casinos and other gambling establishments for as long as there are casinos and gambling establishments. The most recent casino cheating scandal features all of the elements that one would anticipate to find in a high-budget Hollywood movie: the French Riviera, marked playing cards, infrared contact lenses, and shady casino employees, To read more on movies and scandals follow Cut Movie.

56-year-old Along with two other casino employees in 2011, Stefano Ampollini, also known by his code name “Parmesan,” conceived of a plan. The employees were able to mark cards with invisible ink by working together and coming up with creative solutions. After that, Ampollini used a pair of infrared contact lenses that he had purchased online to give him an advantage, which resulted in a single day’s worth of winnings totaling 70,000 euros.

Cards with Invisible Ink

Cards with invisible ink markings Everyone recognizes contact lenses as the best-marked cards available at this moment. They are often marked on the reverse of the card with luminous and invisible ink by our technical team contracted for the job. The marks on the Invisible Ink Marked Cards, as the name implies, are not visible to the human eye.

Our eyes can only see the invisible ink back marking cards when we use contact lenses. And there is no need to be concerned about being discovered or apprehended by someone. Using invisible ink to mark the cards is currently the greatest and safest method of deception. Many gamers and magicians choose it because it is the safest approach available.

If we try to identify invisible ink marked playing cards based on their quality, we will see that each brand has set a standard by presenting their own cards, and each brand has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The marks on a high-quality playing card are undoubtedly brighter and edgier, allowing them to be seen more clearly when seen in a very dark environment.

As we all know, the invisible ink playing cards cannot be used to gain any rewards unless we have the invisible ink contact lenses! The invisible ink marked cards for sale are available to all clients worldwide. They can recognize the markings on the Marked card, thus the game is on as long as you have them all.

To meet the needs of our customers, we have introduced the latest set of Invisible Ink Marked Playing Cards and Contact Lenses! Put these contact lenses on and see what markings you can find! Grab yourself some fun, joy, and magic with this bargain!

Invisible Ink Contact Lenses

Invisible ink contact lenses are a specialised type of contact lens that can be worn in order to see the invisible ink marks that are printed on the back of playing cards. Infrared contact lenses is another name for these lenses.

For the purposes of poker cheating and performing magic tricks, a pair of high-quality invisible ink contact lenses is an excellent investment. Your eyes won’t be harmed by the high-quality contact lenses, and in addition to being able to see the marked cards very clearly, the lenses are compatible with all brands of UV marked playing cards.

In addition, because contact lenses come into direct contact with the eyes, we will provide you with professional instructions that will teach and show you how to wear contact lenses as well as how to store them.