Escort Passport IQ – Revolutionary Radar Detector and GPS Navigation Device

Arguably the most famous electronic devices for automobile use are the GPS navigation unit and the radar detector. The new Passport iQ from Escort combines both of these into one single tool, and from what we’ve got visible, it merges the capability of both the radar detector and the GPS seamlessly.

Escort is known for their radar detectors, and at the core of this device is the fantastic Escort 9500ix radar detection platform. They’ve completed some extensive engineering on the unit to get it to healthy inside a 5″ GPS, however from what we are informed, the radar detection performance is on par with the 9500ix.

On the radar detection functionality, this VISIT unit packs pretty a punch. They’ve given you plenty of display options, consisting of the brand new Expert mode, which is without a doubt a aggregate of the preceding Expert Meter and Spec Meter modes. This alternative shows up to four simultaneous radar alerts on any band at the side of the sign power and numeric frequency. The iQ will even display your modern-day velocity, the posted velocity restrict on the road you’re driving, and the path you are heading with a digital compass. It’s loaded with Escort’s Defender database of speed traps, red mild cameras, and velocity camera places for North America and will warn you if there are any to your route. When you skip by way of fake signals, the iQ will study their locations and will reject them within the destiny.

On top of all that, the Passport iQ is also a totally featured GPS navigation device. It includes the latest NAVTEQ maps and could provide clean flip-by-flip voice guided directions. The unit will show 3-D maps on the five” touchscreen display and consists of lane assist capability that will help you recognize precisely where you want to turn or go out.

If you are like me and use a radar detector and a GPS navigation each day, this unit might be the answer to clutter for your dashboard. This unit in reality affords an incredible aggregate of a GPS and a radar detector at a fee that’s cheaper